2:35 am

The night is always so interesting. They say “the city that never sleeps” and I agree but I know we’re not the only city that never sleeps. Sure there’s a lot going on but there’s other places. 

I always wonder what I’d be doing at this time in California, if I lived there or was there visiting. Honestly if I was visiting I’d probably wouldn’t be getting so much sleep because of how excited I would be. 

I’ve never left New York. Never. But I want to change that. I want to travel and California is my first stop. California is, I gues you can say, the dream. 

People make New York sound like its  this exciting city and yes it is but when you’ve lived here your entire life you don’t see it like others do. I still love it though because it’s not just any city it’s THAT city. 

California, I’m coming for you. 



Many things on my mind ... I could put it on paper but I'd need all the paper in the world

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