Stranded Memory 

I was watching The Fosters tonight and as I was watching the episode where Brandon was practicing for his audition I had this faint little memory. A memory where someone told be that I should be at Juilliard. 
For some reason I can’t remember who it was or where it was. 
What’s going on in my mind now is, why would someone say that? I personally don’t see myself being connected to Juilliard. I have nothing against Juilliard but I just never saw myself even attending. I have heard a lot about Juilliard but that’s really it. 
Juilliard is big. 
I just wish I would remember who it was and why that person would say that me. I usually have a good memory but this one is really making me think. Me? Juilliard? More than crazy. 



Many things on my mind ... I could put it on paper but I'd need all the paper in the world

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