Dream On 

I don’t think people don’t understand that the reason why I don’t tell them my dreams or what I wanna do with my life is because I don’t want to hear their unwanted opinion. Even if they’re my “friends” I still don’t want to hear it. Why? Because people aren’t good friends nowadays. 

You can tell them your biggest fear and they’ll use it against you in any way possible … That’s manipulation. 

My dreams are MINE. They are not for you to give an “okay” to. I am in no way asking you to approve of what I want to do. 

But the one thing I really like about some people is that they ask if they can say something about what you had just said. THEY ASK. “Can I say something?”. Wow. Thanks. Thank you so much for asking. Thank you for not just throwing your opinion at me. Thank you for not being like the others. 

Listen … Don’t let go of your dreams because people have said some dumb shit. Odds are they let go of theirs. If it’s something that you truly love and feel passionate about, go for it before you make yourself miserable and full of regret. 

You’re going to regret listening to people telling you what to do and what not to do with your life WHEN they’re not in yours anymore. If they’re truly your friends they’re going to support you. They’re going help you in any way possible. They’re going to cheer you on when you feel like you can’t do it. They’re going to try the hardest for you. 

Don’t let go of your dreams. Please don’t. 



Many things on my mind ... I could put it on paper but I'd need all the paper in the world

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