12:18 am “A type” 

A guy a like asked me if I had a type and I said not really. I said not really because I don’t really have a type. For me it’s more like if I like you then I like you. That’s it. I’m not gonna stick to a specific thing like oh he has to have a piercing or something. 

I guess I’ve just always gone for whoever gets my attention. There was never a type … If I had a type of have to travel the world in order to find this guy. 

What was more surprising to me was that he actually has a type … I’m not even close to what he has usually dated. I was just like errrrr yeah I’m not even close to that. 

I’m more of the athletic type, energetic, bookworm, all of that and more. So yeah I was just wowed because he’s going for me and I’m not even his type. I guess I’m his type in a different way. 

I think having a type is sometimes a good thing and maybe a bad thing but in a not so bad way. You try to find someone who you have described as your type but you never find that person. Then you find someone who isn’t even near what you said was your type and you go for it and you’re like damn it this is not what I said I would go for. 

I think it’s good because what if this person who you said wasn’t your type ends up being your best friend for life? You never know. 

All I know is that I don’t really have a type … I just look for certain qualities … I look for someone who’s different … Someone who will take their time to get to know me. 

Maybe your type really isn’t your type. 

Remember… Opposites attract. 

Don’t cancel out anything. Give it a chance.