The Boy With The Tattoos 

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone so bad. Like when Edward wanted Bella and Bella wanted Edward. 

No. This isn’t about lust. This is something else. 

I think the truth is … I’ve always had something for this boy. Since elementary school. Yes since those times. And as I grew older I would see him and my heart would beat fast. But I always looked away and avoided eye contact. 

Until recently. He saw me. Stared. Didn’t say one word. I knew it was him but I didn’t want to say anything. I just went along my day. 

Fast forward to when he talked to me. He asked if I remembered him and I said ehh kind of. If only he knew he never left my mind. He remembered me. He remembered me from elementary school. I honestly thought he would’ve forgotten about me. That’s what usually happens right? You just go to school with people and never see them again. 


Now he’s back in my life. 

My heart beat is going crazy. In a good way. And that doesn’t happen very often. 

Now he’s the boy with the tattoos. The boy with a story. The boy who thinks I’m too good for him. Yet I want him. I always have. 

He was done dirty so now his guard is so high. So high that he would ask why I’d choose him over other guys. 

Whoever did him dirty basically did me dirty because he’s not going to believe most things I say. 

Boys have feelings. 

Boys get hurt. 

Now the one boy I’ve always wanted is back in my life and he has been hurt. He has been hurt and there’s not much I can do. 

I can’t tell him I won’t hurt him because he has probably heard that multiple times. 

Just like girls do. 

He’s the boy with the tattoos and he’s the one I want. 

The one I’ve always wanted. 



I’ve seen Roswell and currently watching Star Crossed and it makes me think that aliens could be amongst us. 

It’s shows like these that make the world more interesting since there’s so many people in this world. 

Roswell is one of my favorite shows ever created but it differs so much from Star Crossed. 

With Roswell it shows that anyone could be an alien because they’re so much like us. With Star Crossed we can tell that they’re aliens because of the tattoos. Some, however, had them removed but not for good purposes. 

I’m honestly glad that these shows were made. I think that it helps remove the cliche idea on how aliens look. Sure, they can look all green, with big eyes and whatnot. But as far as anyone is concerned they can look like us humans and we wouldn’t know. 

If you haven’t seen Roswell, go watch it. It’s honestly one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. There’s so much to it and that’s what I love about it. 

Star Crossed wasn’t a show that was on the air for too long but it was good while it lasted. 

Sure it’s another silly theory but it’s one that can be true. There’s places out there that haven’t be discovered. There’s towns that are hidden. There’s many places hidden that we don’t know about. This world is too big and there’s many unknowns. 

The unknown is what I live for.