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Nice Try

What blows my mind is how someone wants you to be loyal to them … Yet they’re not going to be loyal to you. 

Be loyal to you for what? 

To look stupid? Ha. You’re fucking delusional. It’s like being in Oculus.  

How am I going to be loyal when people tell me that they see you with someone else right after you were with me. 

How do you expect me to be loyal to you when I see things with my own eyes. 

How do you expect me to be loyal to you when I have people from different corners telling me that they don’t trust you at all. 

How do you expect me to be loyal when it’s clear that you have something with someone else. 

But when I confront you about it, you deny it. You play dumb. You said how that’s the homie. How ya just ‘vibe’. I said okay. Okay just because I was not going to argue with your dumb self thinking I buy that type of shit. 

The funny thing is you did this all on your own. Clearly you had to make a choice. She was making you choose. You said you didn’t want to be with me because of “all the drama” but truth be told, it was that high schooler you’re messing with that made you choose. You kept saying “it’s not what I want” right. RIGHT. Let a 15 year old run your life. I’m 20. I don’t have time for this. 

You really tried making me look dumb. 

I know the game sweetheart. Try better lies. Try better tactics. I know this game too well for you to even try playing me. 

The whole “I’ve been heartbroken and don’t want to go through that again” was pure bullshit. Press the  “try me” button. 

I never believed when you said you wanted something more with me. Why? Cause you were still on the teen. 

“Let’s be friendly strangers”. 

What do I fucking look like being friends with a guy who not only tried to make me look stupid but who chose a little girl? 

Oh and then kissing her in front of everyone? Oh what a glorious day that was. Marvelous. 

But in all honesty, I’m okay. And you know why? Because he can’t even look me in the eyes. All he does is look to the ground. What are you doing looking down when my browns aren’t there? 

I’m not hurt. Maybe a little mad but only because you really tried to make me look like a fool. And tried to make my friends who had their eyes on you at all times look like the bad ones. 

I saw you cry. I saw you in pain. I could hear how hurt and damaged you are. 

Look me in the eyes and remember what I did for you. But I guess that’s why you can’t do it … 

This might be a bit annoying but as Dj Khaled said 

Congratulations, You Played Yourself



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