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Boys Do Cry

I’ve never seen a boy cry before over a girl. It was hard because I liked him more than just a friend. 

I asked myself. What could she had possibly done for him to be crying? What did she say? What did she do? But of course I wasn’t going to ask him anything. I asked if he was okay and he said he had allergies. Allergies. Allergy season was over. But of course I went on to say it better be allergies. 

Apparently she had broken up with him. I asked myself why would she? In my eyes he was everything that any person could possibly ask for. He went to school, worked, responsible, sweet, and so on. But she would have her reasons on why she would. 

The only thing that I could think of was that they’re in college now and that’s when the drift begins. 

You would think that I would be happy because she broke up with him but I wasn’t. I didn’t want to see him the way that I did. 

He went to get her back. He got her flowers so she would take him back. He’s such a hopeless romantic. 

She took him back. 

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m happy. I’m not. She broke up with him once and the second time it’s going to be worse. 

I don’t want to see him hurt. I don’t want to see him cry. 

I just hope she doesn’t completely break him. I basically lost the boy I’ve liked since second grade because a girl hurt him so deeply that he’s still recovering. That boy also cried because of a girl many times. 

It’s not just boys making girls cry. 

Want to know something? 

Both these boys have the same name. 



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